What does Ja’Meya’s story make you think about and feel? As an athlete and an honor student, how does Ja’Meya defy your assumptions about the victims of bullying?  How do you explain Ja’Meya’s decision to bring a gun on theschool bus? What do you think should be the consequences for her action? Does it matter that she did not intend to hurt anyone? What, if any, lessons can we draw from her story? Ja’Meya is African American. How might race influence the way that people respond to her story? How might it influence your understanding of the situation?


germain hurlston
04/19/2012 7:04am

When I read what happend to Ja'Meya I found it to be sad . A good girl that had a bright future ahead , had been pushed to the edge by being bullied. I feel that bullying should be put to a stop. It can ruin a person both Physically and mentally. Then push people to do things no one would ever think .

04/19/2012 7:12am

An Athlete being bullied is distasteful. And being a future Navy Seaman in the Armed Forces, it is even more disgusting. The victims should get justice of what was up against them. Although, as in my orginal character, i would support her decision but i have to be ruled by my own conscienceness. No, i wouldn't support her decision of bringing a weapon on School/Government property becuase it would show rebellious actions (although none is present) and the consqences of bringing a weapon to School/Government property. As a Man of the Law, i would support the Judgement that was passed on her by the Judge and the Law becuase no matter what, u MUST abide by the Law. It doesnt matter if she intended to hurt anyone or not, the Law is the Law. The lessons i would take from this is that dont put anything in ur hands, by doing any wrong decision u will regret later. This might infer that Blacks are aggrassive and uncontrolling, which is the oppossite of the real truth. There are many Great Blacks in this country, Barrack Obama is one, and another example is Colin Powell. It shows me that this is an excellent example of how not to handle any type of situation like this.

04/19/2012 7:13am

Ja'Meyas story made me think about the victims of bullying. Victims of bullying should learn not to care what people say and live life. Although she was being bullied for some time she shouldve never brought a gun to school or the schoolbus .She should be punished for being armed but not for 45 felonys. We can learn from this story and stop bullying, Ja'Meya being african may increase the thaught of racism still going on in the world.

Tammy 1st pd
04/19/2012 7:18am

After reading this I was shocked, and couldn't believe that an athlete was getting bullied. This just shows that anyone, even athletes can get bullied. I always thought that kids get bullied for being smart or an outcast, NOT a talented athlete. I think she felt trap and there was no way out. I don't think it was right to give her nearly a hundred years. They're treating her like she actually killed someone. Its does matter if she intended or not. If she didn't intend to, why treat her like she did. I think because she's African American, they automatically treat her like a criminal. I find this UNFAIR!!!

RaShawn 1st pd
04/19/2012 7:20am

her story makes me really think whats going through her head at this time. why wont she just fight back? if they make fun of her, she can jst make fun of them. Ja'Meya is an athlete and an honor student why wow she let stupid people mess up her life it makes no sense. She should eaither leave them to talk and not say nothing , Curse them out, or rib em back

1st myles
04/19/2012 7:21am

the story makes me think about bullying and being dumb,also its makes me feel bad for the little girl.it defies that anyone in the world can be bullied.the reason why she bought the gun was because they was messing with her,but that wasn't a good idea.her consequence should be at least going to jail but not for that long,and it does matter that she tried to hurt some one because she would have did murder. the lesson from the story is stop bullying and no gun use.most people would think she's black because she bought a gun. it influences me to not bully anyone

jeanmark 1st period
04/19/2012 7:23am

this story makes me feel like bullying is a big problem that needs to be stopped because it affects peoples lives.she makes me see that when people are bullied they hold in alot of greif then end up making big dicisions.i can explain this as a cry for help and because it seems to her that she's alone so she takes it into her own hands.i think her sentence should be a two month setion of counseling for her mind and to write an apologynote but never give it to her untill she's ready.i would infuence people to make better ways of getting help. lastly if your black it harder for them to look at you and say it wasn't your fault.

kaitlynn 1st pd.
04/19/2012 7:24am

When i read Ja'Meya's it made me feel bad that she had to go through that everyday. I feel that she shouldn't have handled it in that way she should've handled it in another way. She shouldn't have pulled out a gun, i feel as if she told someone to get help with her problem. I think the reason she pulled a gun out is because she felt as if it would think it would scare the people so that they would leave her alone. She most likely would know not to pull out a weapon on anyone and get some help from someone. In her situation i feel that she was scared to tell anyone so that it might get worst but it wouldn't it would help.

Danny C 1st pd
04/19/2012 7:25am

As i hear bout this story i don't know why nobody tried to help her while she was getting bullied. Somebody could of stop her from getting bullied they could went and told an adult that she was gonna bullied. When I read what happened to her i never thought an athlete could be bullied.

stephanie 1st pd
04/19/2012 7:26am

When I heard about Ja'Meya's story i was really shocked and very surprised. I think this means that everyone gets hurt by bulling even if they are an athlete or an honor student. I believe that her decision to bring a gun was because she got tired of all of the bulling and wanted to stop it. I think she should get a less harsh punishment because she wasnt going to kill anyone and she was get bullied alot. Yes it matters that she did not intend to hurt anyone because if she wasnt going to hurt anyone then nothing was going to happen and no one was going to get hurt. We can learn to never turn to violence even if you already tried to get help. Well because of her race they might make a harsher punishment for her i dont know why but they might. When people get bullied it hurts them so bad they turn to violence and someone is going to get hurt either the victim or the bully.

Devin !st period
04/19/2012 7:26am

Her story makes me feel that she just threw her life away over stupid kids. She defy's my assumptions of bullying by showing me that even the best of students fall to bullying. I think her decision of bringing a gun was very stupid, because there are so many other ways to take care of the bullying situation.I think they should have put her in jail for at least 6 months and sentenced to therapy. Yes it does matter that she didnt intend to hurt anybody but it was still a threat but wasn't worth a 100 years. A lesson i can draw from this is to not jump into conclusion and try to handle things on your own. People probably weren't surprised about her race because there were many accounts of people of different races doing the same thing. It influenced me on how to handle a situation about bullying.

04/19/2012 7:26am

This story makes me think about how bullying affects other peoples lifes and this also makes me feel sad and kinda bad for her. She shows me also about bullying by how they act to them. My explanation about her bringing a gun is kinda insane because it makes everything even worse and gives you more problems by getting arrested or worse. Even if she didnt harm anyone she acually did something else and it is possetion of a wepon to school. The lesson we can learn about this is vilonce is not the answer and bringing a gun is not the answer eather. Her race influences me understand this story and understand why they were bullying her

mia paige 1st Period
04/19/2012 7:29am

The way that Ja’Meya’s story makes me feel is that bulling should not have come about in schools or in the world. Ja’Meya’s story makes me think about what if that was me? Ja’Meya is in the catorgory of bulling is because smart kids are alwaysthe ones that bullies go after. The reason I think that Ja’Meya brought a gun to school is because she got fed up with the bulling. I think that Ja’Meya’s consequence should be her getting put on probation. No it does not matter if she did not mean to hurt anyone so she should get probation. A lesson that you can draw from the story is that villence never resolves anything. Since Ja’Meya is African American I think that she got more time because of that and if she was white she would not have got all that time.

04/19/2012 7:29am

Ja'Meya's story makes me think how to react if someone ever picks on me and it makes me feel heartbroken. I am surprised she is an athlete and a honor student because those are the students that usually get along with people. I think Ja'Meya's decision to bring a gun on the school bus was retaliation out of anger. I think the consequence for action shouldn't be 45 felony counts it's not like she killed anyone should just get probation. Yes it does matter that she did not intend to hurt anyone. The lesson we can draw from her story is don't react with violence kill them with love. Race influences the way people respond to her story in a bad way because if it was a white girl she would've never been charged with 45 felony counts. I honestly believe that she got what she got because she was black.

Rodneka 1st pd
04/19/2012 7:31am

This story about Ja`meya makes me angry and sad all at the same time. My assumptions of bullying are so different now! This story tells me it doesn`t matter if your athletic or not you can still get bullied physically. But i`m also assuming Ja`meya didn`t know what to do after she tried telling an adult bout her situation. She got tired of trying and maybe wanted to scare her peers so they can stop messing with her. I`m not saying she should get any federal time, but they should also hear her side of the story. It was outrageous of her to bring her mother`s gun on the bus. It seems like she didn`t contemplate on her ambiguous decision. Even tho she didn`t hurt anyone it still a serious situation. While the gun was in her bag the bus could have easily hit a bump , if the gun wasn`t on safety it could`ve went off and shot someone. A lesson I can draw from this situation is continuously CONTINUOUSLY try to get someone`s attention about getting bullied! Ja’Meya is African American. To be honest, race doesn`t really have anything to do with this because Seung-Hui Cho, the VT columbine shooter, was South Korean.

04/19/2012 7:33am

when i read about Ja’Meya’s story i couldn't believe it a star athlete and honor's student was bullied. it is said that kids are trying to do things in life to succeed, and they bullied her for no particular reason. the didn't have a reason to bully her she didn't do anything to them. when i read about this i was heart broken . i don't agree with her bringing a gun to school though but if she told someone and they didn't do nothing about it and the bullying never stop it just got worser and a person can only take so much from a person well in this case people.but that still doesn't make any since to me that an honor student and star athlete gets a hundred years in prison that just doesn't make since they could've did something else

04/19/2012 7:35am


Keon 1st
04/19/2012 7:35am

I feel that if the teachers would've listened to Je'maya and her mother then none of this would've happened. I think that she felt threatend so he threatend them

Keon 1st
04/19/2012 7:38am

I think that if the teachers would've done something about the problem then this would've never happened. I think she felt threatend so she threatend them even though I don't think that was the right way to go.

04/19/2012 7:39am

Ja'Meya story made me feel sad.She was an honor student who had a bright future ahead. It all came to an end when she was bullied to the point that she threatend a bus load of children. Although that wasnt the way to go she still got punished unfairly.We can learn that bullying can really do damage to people. The fact that she was african american just makes racism more of a problem in the world

Harold 1st pd
04/19/2012 7:40am

ja'meya's story made me sad cause she did not have to do it.cause she was an athlete you would think she would be the last person bullyed.but i gustshe ot tired so she got the gun.i think she should have got at least a year cause no one got hurt.so think she justhad a bad day

1st shaun
04/19/2012 7:42am

I think it's sad that she has been convicted of a hate crime. She was a very intelligent student and was an astounding athelete. Now i think it is very wrong that she went to jail and was given 45 counts of whatever the crime is supposed to have been. But it's not right because you have all these people who treat her differently whether it be her being a star athelete, or very intelligent, or being black. I also do believe in the back of my mind, that because she's in a very small populated area of mississippi, that she wasn't liked by any of the white people that she was surrounded by. And im not being racist, but in reality that's how people are. And now that she's in jail those same white people are saying. That's good for the dumb nigger let her stay where she belongs with the rest of them.

04/19/2012 7:43am

That anyone no matter what can still get bullied.She felt like she had no way out.That she should get punished but not that as bad as she got.She didn't hurt anyone that should count for something.Thank before you act.they might have inforce the law more because of her race.That bullying can make you do thing you would never do.

glentrel l
04/19/2012 7:48am

Ja'Meya's story makes me think about how other people in her position feel and it makes me feel heartbroken. I am surprised that she is an honor student and an athlete .I think she was jst pushed to the limit and shouldnt have got the punnishment she did,i mean she was only 14.

Ashanti 1st period
04/19/2012 7:50am

I think that it is kinda strange that an athlete is being bullied. People should really stop bullying people just because they are different. And thats all i have to say about that. Now about the 100+ years, i dont think that she should get that much time for only showing a gun.

Rachelel L 3
04/19/2012 9:57am

Ja’Meya’s story makes me think that you have to be careful about who you pick on because theres only so much a person can take. I think she brong a gun to scare her bullies away , she didnt think it would leave to 100 years in jail.I think she should get on provation for her actions because she was on the right track for her life just made one horrible mistake.it does matter that she did not intend to hurt anyone.The lesson is when youre being bullied you should try and get help before you take it upon yourself.I think just cause she black and had something going for herself they gave her so much time if she was white they would have gave her a try

akiya 3rd period
04/19/2012 9:58am

Ja'Meya's story make me think what if that was me what if i was in her situation.Her story makes me feel sad because things could have went better. As an athlete and an honor student i wondnt think she would be bullyed because she was so productive I think her desision to bring a gun on the bus was the result of her acting out from being bullyed and tessed.I think in resul of her actions they should really get the child some help with her situation.I dont think she desevrs any jail time because she didnt really hurt anyone she was just acting out of anger. I think race might play a role in this because people think black people get angrey fast and that they always temp to take the vilent road to get out there situations so this is why her race plays a roll in this.

04/19/2012 9:58am

when i heard about what happened to Ja' meya i was shocked!!! a basketball player is getting bullied.

myeshajones 3rd block
04/19/2012 9:59am

When I read what happen to her story makes me feel bad because she was a honor student and they she played basketball.Just because she was a honor student and a athlete dont mean she cant get bully cause everybody get bullyed. I think mmaybe it was a better way she could have handle it but intead she decided to take matters into her own hands cause no one was helping her with her situtaion.Maybe she could have be supended from off the bus and the kids should have been expelled from school from bullying. It really dont matter that she didnt try to hurt anyone she was bullyed but should have took care of it a different way.Some lessons are that should should not bullyed anyone cause you never know what might happen to you are them.I think if the person was white then they would have made up all types of excues for the person but by getting black hey dont care they maybe be like oh just lock them up.

Santana Jacobs 3rd Period
04/19/2012 10:01am

Jameya Story Makes Me Feel You Have To Be Careful Who You Pick On Because There Is So Much A Person Can Take . Her Decision to bring a gun to school is because she was under pressure .Her Consequence Should Be 1 Year in Boot Camp Cause she didn't kill no one . It don't matter that she didn't intend to hurt anyone . The Lesson we can learn is don't pick on anyone . The Race Influence more because she black all the time when you black you get a harder consequence .

Danny Nickelson 3rd period
04/19/2012 10:01am

Ja'Meya's story makes me feel surprised because usually kids that are athletes are the ones doing the bullying. Ja'Meya was being bullied, and she couldn't take any more so she brought a gun to stop the bulling.I think she should not get any consequences. From this situation we can learn that if we have a problem with a bully to go to an adult instead of taking the situation into our own hands

Alhamm 3rd period
04/19/2012 10:02am

When I read this story about Ja'Meya I was thinking how can a basketball player be bullied. I thought people who are athlete are the ones who bully people. I'm guessing the reason why she got bullied is because, she was an honor student.The way I felt when she brought a gun to school was that she could of hurt someone on the school bus.I think she shouldn't stay in jail for 100 years because she didn't kill anyone she just brought the gun to school.

Elizabeth 3rd pd
04/19/2012 10:03am

When I read what has happened to Ja'Meya it is a very tragic story, she was a honor student and a athlete. Knowing people I would never had thought that she was bullied being an athlete and a honor student. When she pulled the gun out and they arrested her she had no business having a gun on the bus she deserves every charge she gets for doing this whether your an athlete or whatever you should get charged just like everyone else would if they did the same thing.Bullying is wrong yeah but pointing a gun at someone is not an option even if you are getting bullied talk to someone about your problems don't take action in your hands yourself. It doesn't matter if she wasn't trying to hurting anyone it doesn't matter she shouldn't never brought the gun on the bus. The lessons that we can draw from this situation is don't bring a gun on the bus and talk to somebody about your problems don't take action in your own hands.

marcus hughes 3rd period
04/19/2012 10:04am

When I read Ja'Maya's story I thought about me being bullied ,because being a athlete.I thought Ja'Meya assumtion about bullying is you have to give up your life or be like the other who don't do the same things she do.Ja'Maya decision to bring a gun to the school bus was without thought of what the concequenses would be.I think the concequences of her actions should be have to take a decion making class when pressured and serve atleast 4years in prison.Yes I believe that it matters that she didn't intend to hurt anyone.The lessons I can draw from this is to not let anyone bully me to the point where I wanna bring a gun to the bus.Since she is a African American,if a white person did something like this police wouldn't give them as many years as she have.I would ignore what people tell me about being smart and being a athlete.

04/19/2012 10:12am

when i read this story i felt like she was not in the right mind when she bout the gun on the bus because she was tired she couldn't hold it in anymore. the consquence i think she should have is to have someone that would sit and talk to her when she need someone to talk to like an Therapist

04/19/2012 10:14am

this would in brace me by keeping my cool when iam being bullied and not to panic because thing would get better

04/19/2012 10:15am

i think that was roung for a little girl like her to brang a gun to school and for one she should have never took the gun out if she would have never took it out she would have never whent to jail and do all that time now she have to dill with it and her mamma cant do nunthing to get her out

Samantha 3pd.
04/19/2012 10:17am

When I Read This Story I Couldnt Believe That She Got Bullied Just Becuase She Was Doing Things Better Then Other Students . Though She Is Wrong For Taking A GUN And Threatening The Students On The Bus With It . But At Least She Had To Common Sense To Not Pull The Triger .

Taliyah 3rd
04/19/2012 10:19am

After I read the story I felt bad for Ja'Meya because they were bulling her,but she didn't have the rites to take out a gun and wave it around.They probably was jealous of her because she's smart and she's an athlete.Ja'Meya probably didn't think she would go to jail.She' should've told her mom what happened and her mom probably would've made her a car rider.I think they should put her in rehab because from them bulling her she might be a little crazy know.You could let her do like 1.5 years in jail at lease but not 100 years.It does matter because what if she had her hand on the trigger and the gun go off.So yes it does matter.If someone is bulling you tell someone and if that don't work tell your mom to let you be a car rider.don't bring a gun on the school bus.They might say put her in jail forever because she's a smart and talented African American and they wouldn't want her to do nothing with herself.Some people would look at her like she's a dangerous girl and would treat her different than others.If anybody bully you tell a adult that works at the school and if they don't do anything you can sue then because they have to do something about it.

christian 3rd
04/19/2012 10:21am

What does Ja’Meya’s story make you think about and feel? It make me think was crazy because the girl going to jail for hundred year, it make feel me bad because she went to jail.

matthew 3rd
04/19/2012 10:26am

This story of Ja’Meya makes me angry.I can't explain why she brought a gun because she was angry and if it was me I would of told on them. I think there was one leson learned and it was not be to angry also don't be pointing any weapons around because that will hurt you. They probly gave that many years because those people were probly racis.

deandre thomas
04/19/2012 10:28am

i feel like she was tired of being bullied everyday and one day she wanted it to stop. Her reason for bringing the gun to me was to scare them not kill someone. If i was in that situation i would have beat up all them.Her decision was not good.

shella thamard
04/19/2012 10:31am

i think that she is a criminal and that sad for a little girl to do she should not bring the gun to school and the school should go to her house and ask her parent where they got the gun from.

derrick 3
04/19/2012 10:38am

When I read what happened to Ja'Meya I thought that it was crazy to hear that an athlete was being bullied. As an athlete and an honor student I fell that she shoudent have gotten bullyed. I cant explain Ja’Meya’s decision to bring a gun on the school bus. I thank that the consequences for her action should be that she go to jail for 25 years. Yes it does matter that she did not intend to hurt anyone. A lessons can we draw from her story by not leat bullyes get under your skin. Yes race influence the way that people respond to her story because if she was white she wouldnt have went to jail for 100 years.

joseph jinnings 3period
04/19/2012 10:43am

when i think of this story think of what could have been;ja'meya had a promising feature but it was strongly disrupted by ignorance witch caused her,her life.personally I would expect an athlete to be bullied because not everyone has talent,jealousy can cause someone to start bulling.I may cant think of any thing now but i feel that the situation could have been handled a lot better then it was.I believe race has nothing to do with it,i think she had a common bulling reaction.

jordanmitchell 3
04/19/2012 10:59am

I think she should be punished for bringing a gun on the bus but the kids on the bus should of never been picking on her.The bus driver should of stop the kids for picking on her and me and her have the trophies and but we like to play opposites sports.I think she that her going to prison is crazy because even if she did point a gun at everybody look at what the kids put her trough.I think that being bullied should be stoped now and its not right for kids who smart and who have dreams shouldn't be bullied that's just wrong.

cody 4th period
04/19/2012 12:23pm

when i read this story i thought she was wrong for her to point a gun at everybody but i also think it was wrong for those children to bully her.

Keshon Leonard
04/19/2012 12:26pm

Her story makes me feel sorry for her because she was an honor student and a student athlete.As a student athlete makes me feel that bulling can happen to anyone including honor students.She decided to bring a gun because the bulling went to far and she felt that was the only way to stop it.I think they should give her 20 years in junivle jail and people will be harder with the sentence because she is an African American.Its gonna influence my understanding if I didnt know her story.

Tatiyana 4th period
04/19/2012 12:27pm

When I read the story about Ja'Meya I felt sorry for her.I expect for a honor roll student to get bullied, but for an athlete to be bullied no i would think she will be the bully. I don't think she really wanted to hurt anybody on that bus; I think she just got so suck of people picking on her and just wanted to scare them into stop messing with her. I think the best punishment for Ja'Meya is probation. She still have a whole life ahead of her, everybody make mistakes and she did but didn't a second chance so now she facing 100 years in prison.

04/19/2012 12:31pm

Her story makes me feel sad about her cause she was an good girl that was bullied so much to where she had to get an gun and get charged for 45 felonies.Victims of bullying are so forced to be a bad person and hold a gun to there face.I think her decision to bring a gun is very extreme and the wrong way to handle the situation.Her consequences should be exacly what she got.Yes it does matter she should get less than she did.Yes race influences the way people think about her situation.It does not influence what I think.

sheldon 4th period
04/19/2012 12:35pm

When I read this it made me think about were being bullied on can get you.I also felt very upset and sad that a good child has to go threw something like that.It surprises me that an athlete and a honor student gets bullied.Usually if you're an athlete you're popular and if you are on the honor roll people wants to get questions from you so they like you.You was so fed up until the point she had to she told her mom and things got worse and she felt like she had to get to that point.I think an expansion from the school and maybe house arrest because she was being bullied.It made her depress.Yes it does if she didn't intend to hurt anyone she should just be exspelled.Don't let bullies get to you.Racist people might say she deserve the consequences.It makes me think that people are not treated the same

cody 4th
04/19/2012 12:36pm

ja'meya story had surprised me because i would never think a honor roll student would do something like that.i think this story proved that anybody can be bullied no matter what.i think that she should have went to jail but not serve that many years for what she did.i do matter because she could have killed somebody if she pull the trigger by accident.handle your problem in a non violent way.

Moise 4th
04/19/2012 12:42pm

1.this story makes me feel sorry for the girl she was at the top of her game a good athlete and good grades and she planed on going to the navy and helping her mom 2.it does surprise me that she is getting bully as an athlete and a honor student i never heard of a person like her getting bullied3.i was not surprised she bought a gun on the bus she got bullied because probably she was being hated on4.the most she should got is probably put in jail and get suspend the teachers and adults should also get in-trouble for not helping her5.i think she went to jail because she is black5. some people will might say its because she is black and no

04/19/2012 12:48pm

Reading Ja'Meya's story made me think and feel that it's crazy to sentence her to that huge amount of jail time for something big yet small. As an athlete and an honor student, it does surprise me that she was bullied. Ja'Meya's decision to bring a gun on the school bus is maybe a reaction of fear, hate, lost, embarrassed, weakness, and etc. The consequences for her actions shouldn't be 45 felony charge accounts, enough to send her to prison for a hundred years. She was only a 14 year old little girl who was being bullied. The consequences should of been less major than what she got. To me, it does matter that she did not intend to hurt anyone. See, if she did hurt someone that would of been a different story. Im guessing she only pulled that gun out to prove a point that she was tired of it all and just to scare them. Lessons we can draw from her story is that there's other ways to solving things like that. Ja'Meya is an African American. Honestly, I don't think she got a hundred years because she's black. She probably got a hundred years because she pulled her gun out and threatened 45 people on her school bus. But then again, a hundred years for an athlete and a honor student making one HUGE mistake with no kind of bad record? They could of did her less harm than a hundred years. The fact that she's African American doesn't matter to me. She's just like every other student, child, kid.

Alexus 4th period
04/19/2012 12:50pm

Ja'Meya's story makes me have a few feeling and thing to say. It doesn't matter if you're fat, skinny, ugly, beautiful, you can still get bullied. I think she's really STUPID for bringing a gun. What did she think was going to happen? I mean honestly, common sense. I think her consequences should have been different. Maybe not as much time as they gave her. That was kind of ridicoulas. Yes, it does matter if she hurt someone or not. The point is, she threatend the kids on the bus. If any lessons can be learned from this story, people should handle bullying differently. They shouldn't take it upon theirself to stop it, get an adult. I think her race had a big part to do with her sentencing.

Arthur 4th pd
04/19/2012 12:54pm

When I read what happened to Ja'meya I felt Sorry for her. Yes it surprises me.Her decision was terrible on bringing a gun on the bus.I think the consequences of her actions is to put her in a detention center and give her therapy.Yes it does intend that she didn't on intending on hurting anyone.Bullying is not something you should do.Race may influence the way everyone looks at it.It influenced my understanding when she brung the gun on the bus....

Felecia 4th pd
04/19/2012 12:57pm

It makes me feel like there wasn't no one there to help her. so she had took matters into her own hands. it very much surprise me that someone like her who is active, and smart is being bullying. Ja'meya making a decision to bring a gun on the bus, was that she got real tried of it. but she should've thought before she pulled out the gun. her consequence she be going to a therapist, talking about her problems and/ or doing community services. i really do not know if it matters, but even though she didnt intend to harm anyone, someone in that crowd felt harm. we can draw that think before you do, or other wise suffer your consequence. it influence that its ok to take out a gun, if your gettin bullying, but it's really not ok.

Marcos Perez
04/19/2012 1:00pm

when i hear this story i mad and sorry for her. she should not have gone to jail that long she should have just spent a week. thats why being bullied is very bad. one of the bullys woulden't like it if it happend to them.people might think just because she black it good for her HELL NO every one should get treated the same

Alissa 4th period
04/19/2012 1:04pm

It makes me sad to know that another person was victimized from bullying. I actually AM surprised to see an athlete get bullied. Meaning that she doesn't have any friends to back up for her or anything. Besides, everyone knows that you have to keep your grades up to stay on a team. I think it was a stupid decision to bring a gun on the bus. She could've asked her parents to drop her to school or stand up for herself using her voice. Her consequences should've been nine years in jail with counseling. To me, it matters that she didn't hurt anyone, unlike the jury. Lessons drawn from the story is that you don't have to endanger lives of people to be left alone. Other African Americans who heard or read this story probably would think that this was unfair.

04/19/2012 1:05pm

this story make me think about its wrong to pick on people , its wrong to be bullying people.she brought a gun to defend herself , i think her consequences would be that she would go to jail or get help before she kill herself , cause the kids keep bullying her to the point that she might kill herself. it really do matter cause the kids that bully her she might shot at one of them and shot someone else, but it did matter.the lesson that we can draw from this lesson is its not cool to bully people just because how they look , wear , or how the doing in school and what they play athlete it not cute at all. race influence because just because how you look that dont mean you could get awards or make it in life . i understand this situation because i use to get bully in elementary , and i see people get bully

04/19/2012 1:07pm

Ja'Meya's story makes me feel bad for her beacause , Its not her fault all that happened .Ja' Meya was teased. She got pressured . She let her anger out.I think Ja' Meya shouldn't Have over reacted and brought a gun on the bus . Ja' Meya should have found someone to talk to about her problems .Ja 'Meya could have started a good career and be successful .I think she shouldnt have gotten 100 years in jail thats basically life . She didnt harm anyone.

roneika 4th
04/19/2012 1:12pm

To me Ja'Meya story remind me of this girl that somebody told me. How it make me feel, it make me feel bad because she should'll throught about it before the shot the person or the people. Instead of shooting them , him/her. Ja'Meya defy assumption victim of being bully because they mad that she was on the honor roll and she was good at sports. My decision of Ja'Meya bring a gun on the school bus was wrong because it wasn't all that all she had to say was you want cause we could get it. Instead of shooting the person or them. I think her consequences should be grounded or something instead of going to jail , well it was right for here to go to jail cause she someone. No, wasn't it intend to hurt anyone or nobody because for 1 she should'll just let them talk about her and when she got home she should'll told her mom. Don't ribe nobody or some bad going to happen to you and don't shoot nobody or you going to jail.The people that respond to her story think she dum person who came from Afrcain. My influence to the situation is that she was wrong for what she did.

Wendell Ross 9th pd
04/19/2012 1:25pm

Ja'Meya is a honor student an she's an basketball player an very athletic . I dont blame her to bring a gun i wouldnt bring a gun to school. But Ja'Meya had a gun an bring it to school and showed it on the school bus. Pointed at 45 people an then you know peoople feel threaten about someone point a gun at your how would you feel? She got sented 100 years in jail thats a long time believe it or not she would been an famous person.

Amogh 4th pd
04/19/2012 1:28pm

I think that it was very inappropriate for troubling someone who doesn't even have something to say from the start and still get disrespected by the same people every day, it's very sad and disapointing

German Castrio
04/19/2012 1:30pm

I think that they should of never gave her 100 years for just pointing the gun at the kids. It wasnt her fault that they were bullying the girl. She defy my assummptionsabout bullying by what she did when she got bullied.That she should of never took that gun on the bus. She should of talked to someone and get help. They should of gave her 10 years instead of 100 years because that didnt make no since . Its a good thing that she didnt shoot no one cause it would of been worse on her.Leasons you can draw for her is get her help.I dont think It didnt have anything to deal with that.It makes me see that we should be taught about bullying.

04/19/2012 1:38pm

I think she is wrong for doing that, but they shouldn't have gave her a hundred years. They should have gave her counciling or something. This is not that necessary to put in jail for a hundred years. She is an honor student and that is probably the reason why. She didn't have to bring a gun to school. She should at least stay on house arrest for a little while. It does matter because she didn't kill nobody and she still got a hundred years. Just don't handle it like she did. Race should not be judged on anyone.

Amogh 4th pd
04/19/2012 1:39pm

I can see why Ja'Meya brought a gun on the school bus because everyone was picking on her and she had to deal with it for several days and had nobody to have her back so she brought a gun not to harm anybody but to scare them so they will leave her alone.

Amogh 4th pd
04/19/2012 1:42pm

I think that Ja'Meya shouldn't deserve any kind of punishment because of the students misbehavior with Ja'Meya.


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