What does Alex’s story make you think about and feel? How do people respond when they encounter a difference that they do not understand?  What can parents and school officials do to help a child who is bullied? What kind of responses by adults can help and what kind might make matters worse? When is adult intervention most helpful?
Ashanti Moten
4/18/2012 22:30:23

I think that people should not treat him like that just because he has a disorder. To me I think when people encounter a difference they dont understand, they act different for probably two reasons; one reason is that they dont know what it is they need to do with his disorder so they act by bullying them or helping them. The second reason could be that they think it is wierd that he isnt like them.

4/18/2012 22:34:42

Alex's story made me think about how some kids feel about going to school. When people encounter a difference that they do not understand they try avoiding the situation. Parents and school officials can help a child that is being bullied by providing counceling and someone that students can vent to. An adult who listens and cares will help a bullied child. An adult who doesnt listen can make the situation worst.

4/18/2012 22:37:29

It doesnt make me think anything. They dont have the time or care to make assessments to deal with something they dont even know. The types of security measures that the school should do is put in Military Personnel at schools instead of policemen and have a Toliterean State as the current Governmental state. Military Personnel will ensure the security and safety of the employees and staff and the students there enrolled.

4/18/2012 22:47:41


Tammy 1st pd
4/18/2012 22:48:57

It made me sad when I read Alex's story. People tend to make fun of a person or thing when they encounter a difference that they do not understand. Adults can respond by actually teaching their kids to be good. A helpful response from parents that is helpful is to teach their kids about DISCIPLINE! Adults make it worse by not doing anything. An adult intervention is helpful right when the bullying starts.

4/18/2012 22:49:55

Alex's story made me think about how students in america feel about attending school. When people encouter a difference the dont understand they usually avoid the problem and bottle up emotions.Parents and school officials can help by providing counceling and people who people can vent to .

Kaitlynn 1st pd.
4/18/2012 22:50:06

Reading Alex's story made me feel that people should not judge people if they have any kind of syndrome, If you can't take people for who they are then don't make fun of them just don't talk to them or even about them. To help a child getting bullied they could change schools or get counsling for them and there child. If parents don't listen to what there child has to say about getting bullied they could commit suicide or end up doing something really stupid.

Danny C 1st pd
4/18/2012 22:51:50

When I read this story he should be scared to go back to school, but school supposed to be fun and safe. I mean you should be scared to go too school and get your education cause you were getting bullied.He should stop being scared and stand up to bully and say i don't come to school for nobody to like me, for anyone to be my friend I come to school too get my education so i can accomplish something in my life

mia 1st period
4/18/2012 22:54:02

It made me upset when I read Alex story. People often make fun of people that are different and make fun of things they don't understand. Teachers and school officials could talk to the student and parent about bulling.Adults can tell their children not to bully. The thing that makes matters worse is when parents don't do anything about it.

stephanie 1st pd
4/18/2012 22:54:17

I think that Alex shouldnt get bullied because lots of people have disabilities and there is nothing they can do about it. When people encounter something new they take it as they see it some people might try to help him or they could make fun of it. They can make a harsher punishment for bullies and try to talk to the kids with guests speakers or something. When the bully finds out that the person told on them that can make matters worse but if a teacher just talk to someone about bulling it make the situation better. Adult intervention is most helpful when they are helping make the situation better and helping the victim out.

1st myles
4/18/2012 22:54:35

the story about alex makes me think that he has very few friends,and that makes me feel bad for him.they respond by asking questions.they could help the child that is being bullied by suspending all the bullies.they rsponse by adults that can make it worse is by handling it out of school.its helpful when they talk to the students

4/18/2012 22:55:46

Its so wrong how difference can set off hate. They don't understand that everyone is different. Parents and school officials need to show the kids that everyone is bullied and if everyone stops the violence we can get through to people

jeanmark 1st
4/18/2012 22:56:39

it makes me feel like im hopeless and that when my younger bro's and sis come to be in high school they will ethier be embaraced of me or they might recive the same pain i go through everyday.parents should put forth a better effort by separating the routes he take to get to class.

Rachelle L 3
4/19/2012 01:20:41

Alex’s story make you feel sad that people would judge and treat you badly because you have Asperger's syndrome.Parents should do whatever in there abilty to help there child thats being bullied even if they have to put their child in a different school , the school should talk to the bully and see why hes bullying the child if it keeps going on expell the child.Respopnse that help are ones who tell the child tell a teacher get help.Response that get worser is ones who tell the child to fight the bully.

Alhamm 3rd period
4/19/2012 01:33:55

The way I felt about Alex's story was that it's not right to bully people who have autism. Parents should talk to to the school about how students act with their child. I also feel if had happen to my little brother I would of stood up for him and I will stand up for any person that has autism. It's not right to bully people anyways.

Samantha 3pd.
4/19/2012 01:35:23

I Feel That The Workers At The School Need To Step Up Their Game In Keeping In Touch With Alex's Parents About Him And School . They Also Need To Keep Watch Over Alex And See Who is Bullying Him . Everyone Is Differnet In Their Own Unique Way . Just Because He Isnt Normal Then Other Kids At His School , Dosnt Mean He Should Be Treated Any Different In Class Or Where ever He May Be . Now That I Think About it , Theres A Friend I Have That Might Have The Same Thing That Alex Has . But He Is Still My Friend Despite His Disabilty If He Has It .

marcus hughes
4/19/2012 01:38:00

After reading Alex's story I feel worried about how people feel about when someone talks about them having a disorder.People would not want to be included in the situation. Parents and school officials should make sure they are a couple of people who cares about the children safety and to prevent them from being bullied. Parents should say nice things to their child and should make sure they respect their child disorder. If they say anything to hurt theri child's feelings it would make the situation worse.

matthew 3rd
4/19/2012 01:38:06

This story even mad me mader. Peoples' responds are just to stand there and just laugh.If I went to Alex's school I would be his friend and I would stand up for him. Also some poeple would be there for people and sometimes they have to stand up for themselfs. School officals can talk to the students' parents and parents can do the same.

Danny Nickelson 3rd Period
4/19/2012 01:38:20

I feel bad for Alex because I dont think that someone should be bullied because of how they look ar act. When people encounter a difference that they dont understand they start assuming all the wrong things.Parents and school officials can hire peer mediators to talk to victims of bullies.

Myesha Jones
4/19/2012 01:38:34

Alex’s story makes me feel like she slow and no one should not be bullyed because they are slower then others. They make people around them feel bad for theyself.Schools can expelled all the kids that bully people, and parents can call school boards.Adults can talk to them and some can make it wrost by if you tell maybe they are going to be you up badder than before.It is most helpful when they maybe talk to the other child parents and see whats going on at home.

akiya 3rd period
4/19/2012 01:42:01

Alex story makes me think that if he is stuggleing in school how is his life going to be ahead of him. His story makes me feel sad because people tessed and bullyed him for something thats not even his fault.I think they can try talking to kids at school more and do ther job to stand up to the situation. they can make the situation worse by not doing anything about it because they situation will just grow worser

Elizabeth 3rd pd
4/19/2012 01:44:10

This story makes me feel bad because I have a sister that is in this same situation she's a slow learner at things. I feel bad for this little boy because it's a very sad situation that this boy is scared to go to School because of being bullied. The worse that he will probably do is hurt himself in a unfriendly matter he needs to talk to someone about this situation. This boys parents need to go to the School and talk to someone and tell them what's going on with him at School. Maybe they can help him in a way that will help him to stop being bullied. This little kid don't deserve this treatment knowing that he already has problems with learning.

Taliyah 3rd
4/19/2012 01:48:25

I feel bad for Alex because just because he has Asperger's Syndrome they shouldn't tease/mess with him.I know one thing they shouldn't tease them.I thank you should help him instead of making him feel bad.They can suspend the bully or you can put the person in counseling class.The adult could talk to the person or tell the person karma. If they don't know what that means just say what goes around comes around.It might not come around soon,but evenchally it will.I guest whenever they're talking to the person.

4/19/2012 01:52:03

I really don't know what to say about that

Xavier Leon
4/19/2012 02:06:18

It's not right that people would bully someone with a disorder. It's not the persons fault that they have a disorders unless they caused it on themselves. Other than bullying the person i would try and make friends with him. I don't know that just me but most people would disagree with me on that.

Keshon Leonard
4/19/2012 03:46:18

They make me feel how horrible people are in this day.They start to feel alone then that leads to suicide.They can suspend or protect the one that is being bullied.By going being active and not being active at all can hurt or make a bulling problem.When the bullying gets to a high point.

cody 4th
4/19/2012 04:00:21

this story makes me think about people i know that have been bullied and couldn't stand up for themselves.they often try to change the subject or walk away.they can start a program that talks to students about bullies and how they can handle it not saying nothing will make it worse but talking up and asking questions will help.an adult intervention is helpful when children talk about problems they have but don't know what to say to them and thats when intervention is helpful.

Tatiyana 4th period
4/19/2012 04:00:49

I think Alex just want to be normal. Just because Alex illness they shouldn't treat him different from anyone else he's still a human.I don't think he stand out from anyone else, but he just don't know how to deal with the bullying. All Alex want is to fit in and make friends.

Alexus 4th period.
4/19/2012 04:05:37

Alex's story is sad. I don't think it's right for him to get bullied, much less ANYBODY. People don't know how to respond to something that they've never encountered before! Parents and officials can help the kid by giving the bully some type of punishment. Sometimes, if the kid stands up for theirself, or if a parent gets involved, that makes things worse. Adult intervention is needed in every situation of bullying.

Christian 4th
4/19/2012 04:10:43

It makes me feel why people would do that to him.They respond with doing stuff like ribbing them and poking fun of them.they can tell the principle or sue or just pull there child out the school.responses like we will report you to make it worse they could confront the students that bully there child.an adults intervention is helpful when they actually do something good.

Allissa 4th period
4/19/2012 04:26:59

I hate when people make fun of special ed kids. They can't help it, they were born this way.They would be confused and worried about making friends and stuff. Parents and school officials can help the kids with either counseling or trying to influence the child on the team to make friends. Things can get worse by more bullying and suicide. Things probably would get better when they probably go to the school made for kids for them. Intervention is most helpful when they are depressed.

4/19/2012 04:30:09

I feel sorry for Alex.People change their attitudes when they meet someone thats different people because their not normal ,which is wrong because everyone is different in there own special way & should not be made fun of.Parents can sit down and talk to their child and talk to the school board.A parent can help by giving advice to their kids and motivating them. A parent can make a worst by trying to talk to the bully.

Moise 4th
4/19/2012 04:30:50

1. i think people should try to see it from his point of view and look into his diesase and learn how it work his parents probably cant hug him2.they may think he is stupid or retarted or is trying to be mean3.they should get him some medication and hepl him get him a thearpist5they should try to help him when he is getting picked on

4/19/2012 04:32:58

Reading Alex's story made me think about how careless people are. It made me feel sorry for him. To me, how people respond when they encounter a difference that they do not understand is that they make fun of others. People always judge off the bat also. Parents and school officals can help a child who is bullied by actually giving consequences to those who bully. You can't really say anything to them because now a days kids don't listen and just do what they feel like doing. Responses by adults can help in many ways if others choose to listen. It can also make it worse because parents tend to go to the school and confront the principal. Therefore, teachers talk and it gets to students and then it gets worse. An adult intervention is most helpful is before things can get out of hand.

Felecia 4th pd
4/19/2012 04:35:04

his story makes me think, what if that was me. i would feel just like him. people encounter a difference they do not understand, and think its ok to tease to them, bully them, etc. schools, parents can do is to talk to their child, make them feel like its ok they shouldn't have nothing to worry about me. an adult is most helpful is when a child comes to them and ask them for help.

Arthur 4th pd
4/19/2012 04:36:00

Alex's story makes me feel worried about how kids feel when being bullied.They encounter a difference as if something has went wrong in their life.They can find the child who has been bullied a therapist and find the kids who bullied him and give them consequences. Responses by adults that can help are how can we make you feel safe and responses by adults that can make matters worse are you'll be fine its just the first day of school things will lighten up. Adult intervention is best when the kid is attempting to hurt someone or him/herself....

roneika 4th peirod
4/19/2012 04:37:09

Alex stroy make me think that people think he not like everyone at school , and they think he scray. It make feel bad for him because people don't like him and he scare to go back to school. To help your child from being bullie take the bullies out of school.

Marcos 4th period.
4/19/2012 04:38:18

It makes me mad to hear people making fun of special ed children. They probably will be confused and don't know what to do. They can give them counseling or either set them up in a team. Intervention is most helpful when the child is depressed and thinking about suicide.

4/19/2012 22:39:43

I Feel That The Workers At The School Need To Step Up Their Game In Keeping In Touch With Alex's Parents About Him And School . People tend to make fun of a person or thing when they encounter a difference that they do not understand.The worse that he will probably do is hurt himself in a unfriendly matter he needs to talk to someone about this situation. Parents and school officals can help a child who is bullied by actually giving consequences to those who bully.I guest whenever they're talking to the person.

4/20/2012 03:36:59

It makes me feel like school needs to stop the bullying and alex needs to talk to his parents.Something that they do not undestand they play the opposite side and they don't care about the conflict.Punish students that bullyothers are send them to a different school.Or give them ways to defeat bullying.Telling a kid that they can ignore them or go get help when the bullying occurs,or ways to help them.Telling the kid to fight back physically or ways to make it worse.When they want to commit suicide adult intervention is most helpful.


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