What does Kelby’s story make you think about and feel? What are the sources of Kelby’s strength and optimism? How is she able to face the bullying she endures with such determination?  Why are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) youth so often singled out for bullying and harassment in middle and high school? How does bullying reflect larger societal conflicts and attitudes?
4/18/2012 10:23:48 pm

it makes me feel nothing. I dont know any of his strenghts and optimism. LGBT people are different or inhuman, in the eyes of the "Normal" people, so they are already singled out as inhuman or subhuman. This affects societal conflicts and attitudes to where LGBT people are non-trusting, civil wars, or suicidal decision making.

4/18/2012 10:27:15 pm

Kelby's story makes me think about all the judgemental people in the world. She was being beat physically and hurt mentally, but through it all she stood up for herself and faced her mentors by herself. I think she was so determined to face her mentors because she has a strong mindset and self confidence.Young lgbt's usually get singled out in middleschool and highschool because of bullying.

Tammy 1st pd
4/18/2012 10:34:23 pm

I thought that Kelby was very brave for coming out as gay. I think the source of her strength and optimism comes from her supporting friends and family. She is able to face the bullying she endures with such determination because of the students and adults who are like her, gay. LGBT youth so often singled out for bullying and harassment in middle and high school because they're different, and those bullies are immature.

Kaitlynn 1st pd.
4/18/2012 10:39:31 pm

It makes me feel that people should respect people for who they want to be. She shouldn't have to deal with people making fun of her or anything cause it's not like she's the only one who's like that, they could have many other people just like her. That was one of the biggest things people use to get made fun of honestly i don't know why but i know it was one of the biggest things. Bulling reflects larger societal conflicts by a lot of people killing themselfs and doing crazy stuff just because of stupid people making fun of them or doing anything to do to make people commit sucicide.

4/18/2012 10:40:21 pm

This story makes me think about how much people get bullyed for being bi-sexual,gay,or lesbians. She encourges this by ignoring all the bullying thats happening to her and she was fighting for it.People get bullyedalot by being all this stuff because they think its funny when its not. It hurts alot of people who are gay, bi, or lesbian.

4/18/2012 10:41:08 pm


stephanie 1st pd
4/18/2012 10:41:15 pm

I feel like they have no reason to tease her just because she's gay it's none of their business. Even though she was getting picked on and made fun of she still went to school and still didnt let the kids get to her. She has her friends to help her out and she is an honor student. One of the main reasons why LGBT teens get teased so much is because they are not like everyone else and they seem gross and odd to people. Bulling happens everywhere and to anyone and most violence comes out of bulling either from the bully or the victim.

Ashanti 1st period
4/18/2012 10:41:24 pm

I think that people who are bisexual are just confused about what they really want, but i dont have a problem with them. LGBT people are single out, because people think that just because they are LGBT they would want to try and get with them. Also, because they would feel uncomfortable. For example; if a boy likes boys, then if they go by a boy that isnt gay then the non would want to get away as soon as possible.

1st myles
4/18/2012 10:43:29 pm

this story makes me think about gays and how they are treated, and it makes me feel that gays should be treated the same as everyone else.she has good strength because she doesnt care what they do to her.she's able to face bullying because she dosnt care what they think or do.the LGBT gets bullied because they are different from everyone else.bullying reflects on people because they feel bad about the people.

mia paige 1st period
4/18/2012 10:43:41 pm

Kelby's story makes me think that she is a brave person. Her strength to keep moving on comes from school and standing up to her billies. She is able to keep moving on even when she is getting bullied because she wants to finish school in honors. In the world today bulling is bad and not many people tollarate it.

Danny C 1st pd
4/18/2012 10:43:48 pm

When I read this story about Kelby I thought it was wrong for the teachers to turn a blind eye at her because she came out as gay. It was wrong when she was beaten down by boys between classes. It was wrong for them to her cause she came as gay. Just let her be she knows what she is her brain nd she knows what god made her as.

4/18/2012 10:45:16 pm

Kelby's story made me think about how many judgmental people there are in the world. Kelby had the strength, courage, and mindset to stand up for herself no matter the physical and mental abuse she's been through. Gays usually get bullied at a young age because nobody understands how gays feel.

4/18/2012 10:46:46 pm

I think its a shame how cruel people can be about something that has nothing to do with them. Its very good she as the courage to act and go back to school,standing her ground. She knows what she has to do in life and shes not letting simple bullies getting in the way of what she wants to do in life. People bully LGBTs because they are differnt than them. Thats not fair because,we are all different in are own way.

jeanmark 1st
4/18/2012 10:47:51 pm

this story makes me feel like she's being discriminated because what ever she does is her business.one thing i noticed is that she feels unwelcome at church then if thats the case that not a truthful church that teaches well abuot support and love.shes able to keep on moving through life becuase of all the other children and adults alike.its this way because their is always this one person that feels that gay person is too different.soon they end up feeling un wanted and they do something about it.

Eugene 1 period
4/18/2012 10:52:08 pm

They should't call people gay if th're not.

4/18/2012 10:56:05 pm

its really ashame im embarressed that singles bully the LGBT if you are bullied on what you want to be then what is the world becoming to now and days you can't just be single out by what you do to make you fell happy.i think all LGBT students are singled out because they are different and the one that are not LGBT have nothing to do with their lives and want to make everyone else's life bad are they're either going through something and is doing it to make their selves fell better. it gets worse when more than one person do it because in middle and high school some kids still have immature minds

1st shaun
4/18/2012 10:58:49 pm

I show some sympathy for Kelby because it really is wrong to discriminate a person because of their sexual orientation. If you call yourself their friend you wouldn't give a dam what they were. And if you really cared about them you would have told all those who oppose to back up. So i cheer Kelby on and it dont make me gay. But it's her life and her decision at the end of the day, bottom line.

Myesha Jones 3rd block
4/19/2012 01:17:08 am

Kelby’s story made me feel bad because no one should be bullyed about who or what they like.Something that made her strong was her moving to another town and saying that she was going to stand up for her self.She is able to get threw bullying because she wen tback to school and was not going to let nobody bully her anymore.They are bullyed because some people that think they anybody should be gay etc.Bullying makes people angry and made and maybe wound up and killing themself or they're bullyer.

Samantha 3pd.
4/19/2012 01:23:54 am

I Feel For Kelby And I Am Very Proud Of Her For Faceing The People That Bully Her Instead Of Moving Like Her Parents Wanted To . People Who Like The Same Sex Often Get Bullied Because It Is UnNatural To Like The Same Sex . Everyone Deserves Love Even If It Might Be With The Same Sex .

Elizabeth 3rd
4/19/2012 01:24:09 am

Kelby's situation makes me feel very bad for this little girl people shouldn't call her names because it's not her fault. Children have problems that make us turn a certain way for their situation. The way she faces this situation is her friends help her out with her situation she moves Schools. Then comes back in the fall and their still Bullying her but her friends is helping her with this. Bullying is wrong and shouldn't go on in School or at home it's very wrong for people to get bullied like they do. These bullying situations are wrong and should be reported to the police immediately.

marcus hughes
4/19/2012 01:24:34 am

When I read Kelby's story I feel that people should let a person be gay if they want to and they should still respect them.Shelby's optimism was to go back to school, face his bullies and graduate with honors to show that you can be gay and still graduate at the same time.She is determined to ignore them and intend to press on with her education. They are often bullied,because straight people see them as scary people.Bullying effets society by teens commiting suicide and people carrying about what people say about them.

akiya 3rd period
4/19/2012 01:26:47 am

Kelbys story makes me think that just cause your different dosent mean that you have to be tessed or bullyed about it.Her story makes me feel angery because they just started judgeing her instead of getting to know whats going on.I think they single out because people feel that is something that should be handled in there homes

4/19/2012 01:27:27 am

Well when I heard about that this girl was gay I can't say that i was shocked because some people are gay but when someone is gay I could still be here friend.

Danny Nickelson 3rd Period
4/19/2012 02:03:02 am

Kelby's situation makes me feel bad.The sources of Kelby’s strength and optimism comes from

Xavier Leon
4/19/2012 02:03:30 am

I don't hang with gay people but, I don't have nothing against them. I think that the people are wrong. I think that people should just leave gay people alone. Like what do you gain from bullying a person anyways. I think people have to come up with something new to counter-act bullying.

keshon leonard
4/19/2012 03:39:20 am

Kelby story makes me feel sorry for her beacuase everyone makes fun of her because she's gay.That she is determined to make the honor roll and graduate.She doesn't have a consious as they say because she doesnt care.I dont know why because they just stand out to everyone else.When bullying take over the public thats when killing start to happen

Tatiyana 4th period
4/19/2012 03:45:03 am

Kelby story makes me think about why other gay people are scared to let the world know that they are gay because of the what people going to think of them. I can't say I know how she feel but I understand what she going threw. It got to where they started calling Kelby's friends gay. I think Kelby is a strong person , because she had a chance to leave her neighborhood and move somewhere else but she decided to stay and deal with the bullying.

4/19/2012 03:50:10 am

Her story makes me feel sad that she really is not welcome in church really cause she is gay the is som bulls***.The sources of her strength are her friends.Cause she is a strong person and self minded person.Lesbians and Gays are treated different cause they are not the same as everyone else.Bullying reflects cause they are being treated like crap.

cody 4th
4/19/2012 03:51:02 am

her story makes me feel shocked because she is a human like everybody else and should not be judged on her decision.she walks through the hall and does not pay mind to anybody .they are bullied because people know they cant stand up for themselves. bulling can lead to violence or people killing themselves for no reason.

sheldon 4th period
4/19/2012 03:54:31 am

It makes me think that people getting beat up over there gender is very usually because boys like to hit girls and when a gay girl aasks like a boy they willl hit them.Her parents offering to move to another town and determination.She endures it by hanging with students and adults alike.They were bullied and and single out ecause they were different from everybody else and do things that the same gender do not like.Because it leads to other conflicts and worse conflicts

Alexus 4th period.
4/19/2012 03:58:13 am

Her story upsets me. Atleast she has friends though, that's probably what helps her get through everything. I don't know how she's able to endure everything she's been through, but I respect her for it. Gays, lesbians, trans-genders, and bisexuals are often singled out because people don't like them. They don't like how they act, look, ect. Bullying effects attutides, because people feel like they are no longer able to act like theirself because they're being judged by what they like.

Alissa 4th period
4/19/2012 04:11:05 am

Stereotypical people probably have been bullied before in their life. Her strength and determination of wanting to graduate with honors sprung her through.She endures this because she doesn't care about what people think about her; she's strong. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) youth so often singled out because they're different, they like different things, and they probably dress different. Bullying makes people depressed and probably make them think about suicide.

Arthur 4th pd
4/19/2012 04:13:27 am

Kelby's story makes me think about how they feel about what just happened and when will it stop.The sources of Kelby's strength's and optimism is her determination that is challenged all year.She is able to face the bullying because she is letting them push her to do better.LGBT youth is often singled out because they stand out.It reflect larger societal conflicts and attitudes because it's making others harm people and themselves.

Mosie 4th
4/19/2012 04:13:55 am

1.well really i don't care for her because she choose to like the same sex2.she just try to fight what she wants to believe in3.they are doing something wrong and disgusting4.bullying makes people depressed and lower self es time it makes people do crazy things

4/19/2012 04:18:11 am

Reading Kelby's story made me think about how rude, mean, and heartless how people are. It made me feel kinda mad. The sources of Kelby's strength and optimism is herself and how she feels about herself. She has faith and belief in herself. She has determination to graduate with honors and all. Despite what others say, she's not gonna run away from her problems. She stands up to them instead. I think she was able to face the bullying she endures with such determination because she had a small group of friends by her side. She probably was tired of it all and her way of handeling it was show no mercy to their "humor" or "entertainment". LGBT youth are so often singled out for bullying and harassment in middle and high school because their still young and most of them don't really know any better. People are always quick to judge and talk about others and bully others just to feel better about themselves. Bullying does reflect larger societal conflicts and attitudes in this world because bullying always cause problems. Everyday people gets bullied. Some even committ suicide over getting bullied. Bullying is the main problem.

Felecia 4th pd
4/19/2012 04:19:39 am

its wrong that people are getting bullying for being LGBT. its their choice if they want to be whatever, whatnot. but people choose to bully other people to make them feel good, or just because they are not the same as them. and its often that people are hanging by themselves because other people is not accepting them as who they are. thats why they are always singled out.

4/19/2012 04:19:56 am

Kelby's Story makes me feel bad for her because people shouldnt be judged because they like the opposite sex or treated differently .Her sources are going back to school in the fall . shes going to show her classmates shes not afraid , shes gunna show them shes strong .LGBT youth is so singled out for bullying because some people find it disgusting to like the same sex so 9 out of 10 your gunna get made fun of in middle school & none of the kids are mature to know its wrong to tease people because of who they are.It changes peoples attitude because some people dislike how different people are , so they be mean .

roneika 4th period
4/19/2012 04:29:18 am

Kelby's story make me think ain't nothing wrong being gay a lot of people is gay. It make me feel sad because she said ahe ain't welcome at a church or nothing esle. By facing the bully Kelby could say ain't nothing wrong being gay if I want be gay then I could. Bullying reflect lager sociatal conflict and attitudes because the bully causes problems and when someone talk about them they want get mad.

harold 1st
4/19/2012 07:50:07 am

kelby's story really made me think it made no sense that all these people got together on this one girl.i believe she has a hole lot of heart to go back to school.i think its cause there different.an it would just grow and grow.


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